Two layouts
Simple Desk & Full Desk

Choose which desktop layout you feel most comfortable working with

gabeeOS Linux has two desktop layouts. A clean and simple desktop, allowing a larger work area, in the style of windows manager, but with all the power of a desktop manager like Gnome, and the classic Gnome desk, with the top bar and dock. By default, gabeeOS starts in a simple desktop environment. To switch between desktops layouts, simply press CTL + Z for full desktop layout and CTL + X to return to simple desktop layout.

Conky help (keyboard shortcuts)

All keyboard shortcuts, such as the aliases for the XBPS package manager, are described in the conky help. The conky can be hidden or shown by pressing the CTRL + ALT + H (hide) or CTRL + ALT + S (show) key combination.

Photographers Edition
gabeeOS for photographers