gabeeOS Linux

The beauty of simplicity

GabeeOS is a rolling-release Void-based Linux distribution (spin) , which brings the necessary software to satisfy the daily needs of an end user; in a simple and aesthetically pleasing desktop environment.

Login LiveUSB:

User: anon

Password: gabeeoslinux

Download gabeeOS:


Open the terminal and type: sudo gabeeos-installer

To install the packages for the desktop environment, choose the Ā«local installĀ» option.

Stable rolling release

Void uses the runit supervision suite to run system services and daemons.

Some advantages of using runit include:

A small code base, making it easier to audit for bugs and security issues.
Each service is given a clean process state, regardless of how the service was started or restarted: it will be started with the same environment, resource limits, open file descriptors, and controlling terminals.
A reliable logging facility for services, where the log service stays up as long as the relevant service is running and possibly writing to the log.

gabeeOS, being based on Void, makes it a stable distribution, so install once, update routinely and safely.